Monday, May 18, 2009

My First Stab at HD Video

Frog in Chilton Pond
Originally uploaded by Jason Means
I'm putting my new Canon 5D MK2 through the mill trying out all of its features. Being a stranger to video, I'm still learning my way around motion capture and movement.


Elijah Goodwin said...

Nice shots Yardo, especially the lady slipper, I don't know where to see those around here, but it is the right time of year. Jealous you got the 5D Mk2, I want to get me one of those sometime in the near future. I liked your frog vid, especially all the birds in the background. Most prominent was the red-winged blackbird calls and alarm calls, but I also think I could pick out wood thrush, rufous-sided towhee, ovenbird, and possibly an American redstart singing. I think there is one or two more too, but it is a little hard to tell them apart and I'm a little rusty.

Jason Means said...

Eli, thanks for the comments, and yes, you should be jealous. No photographer worth their salt should be without a 5D MK2. It is definitely a platform that will be the future of photography.

This vid is a pretty good first stab at motion capture... needless to say though, I've got a lot to learn. I'll be posting a vid of some Tree Swallows soon, and plan on filming them more later this weekend when time and weather permits. There are several pairs nesting near work, and also a pair beside the pond where this video was shot.

Your ears as a birder are a lot better tuned than mine. I can pick out the Towhee and Red-winged Blackbird... but that's about it. However, I've got a cool birding App for my iPhone that been helping me tremendously with my bird call ID's.

Catch you later,