Monday, May 25, 2009

More Tree Swallows

Tree Swallow
Originally uploaded by Jason Means

To say the least I've had a ball over the past few months photographing several pairs of Tree Swallows in the area. This particular one is nesting adjacent to Nelle Chilton's pond. I spent most of the morning watching this pair go in and out of their box, catching bugs and just playing around in general like good Tree Swallows do.

The only goof that I made today was having the ISO range on my camera set way too high (1250). I had did some low light shooting the evening before, and had forgotten to set it back to a normal shooting range (400-800). Due to the glare of the mid day sun, I paid little attention to the shooing information in my view finder, and shot the entire day at that exaggerated ISO.

Thankfully, my new 5D MK2 has a pretty decent expandable ISO range, and very little noise can be seen in these shots. If I had made the same mistake with my 40D, then the entire day would have been a complete waste. Anything shot on the 40D over ISO 800 generates a tremendous amount of noise, and limits the usage of the shots taken beyond that point.

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