Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Smoke Revisited

Smoke - 011
Originally uploaded by Jason Means

Rick Lee recently gave a presentation for the Charleston Camera Club reviewing some of his work over this past year. One of his projects involved smoke, and I was so enthralled with his shots that I decided to give it a stab.

Since the weather has been really crappy and I've been buried in work, I haven't had a chance to shoot very much over the past few weeks. So, I decided to do an indoor project this evening and try a stab at some smoke shots again. To say the least, smoke is a fickle thing, and at least ninety percent of what I shot was nothing other than blurry lines of nothingness. Thankfully, a few shots did turn out, and I never cease to amazed by the bizarre and beautiful patters that smoke makes.

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Rick Lee said...

It's wild how incense smoke always looks pretty much the same. It makes those same patterns over and over and over.