Sunday, October 26, 2008

Late Night Prowlers

Originally uploaded by Jason Means

After three weeks in Arkansas, and three days at Camp Dawson for training, I finally got a chance to kick back, relax, and spend a quiet evening at home... or so I thought.

During a handful of times during the evening, our dogs Luka and Molly kept barking at the front door. Occasionally a squirrel or stray cat will catch their attention and fits of barking will naturally follow. But this time they just wouldn't give up.

Upon further inspection, I came across these two scoundrels. They had made their way onto the porch in search of some fresh bird seed and ears of dried corn I had stuck out a few hours earlier.

Most of the raccoons that make their way across the porch usually scatter fast once the dogs hit the scene, but these young ones just huddled in one corner, afraid to make a move until the coast was clear.

I guess I'm going to have to come up with a squirrel/raccoon proof way of feeding the birds... or just be content at feeding every living creature in the neighborhood.

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