Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something Mayfly This Way Comes

Originally uploaded by Jason Means

I was a bit of a bum today, and tried to make the best of things by spending a little time cleaning up around the house. Unfortunately (for the housework that is) I stumbled upon this huge Mayfly just outside the first window I started to clean.

Within only a matter of seconds, I had dropped my Windex and paper towels, turning to photography instead of the task at hand.

The lighting coming through the window was intense, and I loved the way it filtered through the Mayfly's translucent wings. I stepped quickly into the office and grabbed a sheet of white paper for a backdrop, and immediately was in awe of the perfect shadow that lay beneath the insect.

After several (hundred) frames, I felt that I had at least a few good images to pour over, and then the tedious task of image selection and editing began. I had several strong images from the shoot, but feel that this particular shot really combines many of the images I had in my head before I snapped the first frame.

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