Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maybe Next Time

Originally uploaded by Jason Means

Most of my days behind the camera may not be monumental by any standard, but they are usually good days regardless. I may not always get the shot I pictured in my head, but I'll at least get something that makes my efforts worthwhile.

Unfortunately, today I blew it, and have nothing to show for my efforts other than knowledge that I blew it. I found a great pokeberry that some birds were feeding on and decided to stake it out with high hopes of getting a good shot. Within minutes of getting into position, my mind wondered off to other things, and noticed only too late that a little yellow warbler had snuck in under my radar and was making his rounds all over the pokeberry. By the time I drew the bird into frame he had made his way to another part of the plant and the shot was gone. I had missed a fantastic shot. The blood red pokeberries in contrast to the yellowest of all warblers.... what a drag.

Extreme frustration doesn't even begin to sum up how I felt. A golden opportunity had passed me by, and may not come again for quite some time. I staked out the pokeberry for two more hours, without a single bird coming into frame.

Oh well, at least I was able to pull a decent shot out of my butt yesterday with the chickadee pictured above. I put out some fresh seed the other day, and the chickadee's made little time in taking advantage of the fresh bounty.

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