Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Art of Camouflage - and Persistance

Originally uploaded by Jason Means

Every so often, I help out the WVARNG Honor Guard with funeral details. This past week was really busy, and I ended up participating in seven funerals.

Several of those funerals were at Cunningham Memorial Park in Saint Albans. During one of services earlier in the week I noticed this toad precariously perched about five feet off the ground on a stone wall. I'm sure that getting into that position was no easy task.

The most amazing thing of all though was his absolutely perfect camouflage. His coloration was that of the concrete fill between the stones, and he matched it ever so well, even right down to the small black and grey spots of lichen between the blocks.

Due to the timing of the service, I was unable to take any pictures, but three days later, I was back at Cunningham for another funeral. To my amazement, our intrepid climbing toad hadn't budged an inch. He was in the exact same placement that he was days earlier, sitting as stone like as the wall upon which he was perched.

Naturally, I couldn't resist taking a few pics this time. After the funeral procession left I made my way over to the wall and snapped off several frames, this particular one being my favorite.

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