Friday, August 1, 2008

Joe Lewis Fishing on Second Creek

Joe Lewis Fishing on Second Creek
Originally uploaded by Jason Means

I decided to take Thursday off this week and go fishing with my buddy Joe Lewis. Big Joe and I hadn't fished together in a long time because he moved to Missoula, Montana several years ago, and has only recently moved back to West Virginia.

Summer fishing is never an easy task (at least here in WV), but it was great to spend a day on the water and unwind. I ended up catching one nice Rainbow Trout, and missed several others. Joe caught six because an absolute fishing machine. So, if I infer a little Bill Murray arithmetic on the equation, we caught seven "between us" - and that just sounds a whole lot better.

Now that Joe's back in town, I can't wait for Fall to come so we can hit some more of our favorite fishing spots.

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