Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bill Murray - Part Deux

Bill Murray for Kanawha County Prosecutor
Originally uploaded by Jason Means

Bill wasn't all that satisfied with the last group of photos that I took for him, and frankly, I wasn't either. The lighting was crappy, and I had loaned one of my flashes to a friend who was vacationing, so overall, the first shoot was a bust. A cook is only as good as his ingredients, and I had set myself up for failure before even leaving the house.

I don't do a lot of portrait photography, and for good reason. The shots that I was happy with, Bill didn't like, and naturally the ones he liked, I thought were crap. Regardless, it was up to me to calm his lawyer nerves and present a photograph that he would be happy with, and fit his needs.

Anyhow, I decided to run by his office again this morning and take a few more shots, this time with a bit more success.

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Imagesmith said...

That's a fine photo of Wild Bill, nice clean background, well lighted and a nice crop.