Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 Black Bear Mountain Bike Race @ Kanawha State Forest

Originally uploaded by Jason Means

I was doing a little more touch-up work on some of my Black Bear photos, and this particular image really caught my eye. It's probably one of the better pan blurs I've taken in a while, and a really strong image overall.

With most of the other images that I took during the race (and in most other races as well), there's so many factors that can screw up a good picture. If I get just the right rider in front of me, someone who's lean, mean and focused on the task at hand, I screw up on my end, by not panning at the right speed, not using enough fill light, to fast/slow shutter speed - the list is endless. The way my luck usually runs, I get the all of the stars in the heavens lined up, snap the shot and it's a less than interesting rider who looks like they'd rather be mowing the grass than racing a bicycle.

Regardless, I'm happy that this young lad was riding down the trail when I did everything right. He looks intent, and very animated - focused on kicking ass and putting in the best time possible.

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