Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bill Murray for Kanawha County Prosecutor

Bill Murray for Kanawha County Prosecutor
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I've known "Wild Bill" Murray for many years now. I've had the opportunity to work for him and along side him several times in days gone by, and have always considered him a good friend, and a sound person to get good advice from.

Ironically, he's running against a very popular fellow here in the Kawawha Valley, Mark Plants. I've known Mark for about as many years as Bill, and graduated in the South Charleston High School Class of 1995 alongside Mark.

I think the world of Mark. He's an outstanding person, but I've got to give my vote hands down for the Kanawha County Prosecutor's job to Bill. He's has been an integral part of Kanawha County's legal system for as long, if not longer than most playing the game, and knows it inside and out. His years of experience and determination will serve him well in this November's upcoming election.

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