Monday, May 26, 2008

A Second Stab at Perfection

Tree Swallow
Originally uploaded by Jason Means

Yesterday I took several photos of this Tree Swallow, but was very disappointed with the results. The lighting was much hotter on Sunday with nary a cloud in the sky, and to make things worse, this side of the box was back lit.

I managed to pull a little photoshop magic on yesterday's pics, but was still disheartened at the results. The Tree Swallow's back feathers are a beautiful blue-green that glints in the sun. The colors of yesterday's images were more like play dough colored poop. So, I took another trip to Nelle Chilton's pond today with high hopes of getting a better shot.

Thankfully, the sky was overcast and the lighting was considerably more forgiving. The box was still back lit, but a small amount of fill flash helped to highlight the subject and make a more desirable image.

Also in my favor was the fact that the Tree Swallow is a highly skilled flier that is very playful and inquisitive. It doesn't dally, but did linger long enough for me to get this shot and a handful of others.

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