Sunday, May 18, 2008

Guns, Archery, Fishing - Salvation is Free

John McCain in Saint Albans, West Virginia
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In recent weeks, the political climate of West Virginia has been on fire. With visits from all three major players in the presidential race, the Mountain State has been a hotbed for political news on the national level - which has been both good - and bad.

John McCain, hot on the heels of West Virginia's Primary, lost no time in heading to the streets for a meet-n-greet in Saint Albans, which I affectionately refer to as Saint Albania, due to it's rather simple inhabitants - and the fact that it's the meth capitol of the free world.

I was a little bit bummed when I heard that the grip-n-grin at Saint Albans Gun and Archery was a closed affair. Only a select handful of people were allowed to have a little one-on-one time with the Senator in front of the shop, and even fewer were allowed in the store while he spoke with the owner, and shopped for.... cat fish lures.

Cue the banjo music please.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that the sign in front of the building reads: Guns, Archery, Fishing - Salvation is Free.

I shit you not. While inside he purchased several items for... cat fishing - while dressed in suit and tie, with his lovely wife in tow. A more serene picture could not be imagined.

My only real wish though would have been that he purchase some camo (Real Tree of course) to wear. Then, he would have stealthily blended with the local populous, so much so that his arrival - and departure - would have went unnoticed.

I'm not a huge McCain fan. I respect him for his years of military and political service, but.... 100 more years in Iraq! Give me a fucking break. No amount of money, leverage, begging, bartering, war, etc. will ever bring peace to the Middle East.

Anyhow, after a few brief minutes, the spectacle was gone. McCain and his zoot suit entourage waded past the simple people of West Virginia on his way to an NRA convention in Kentucky.

Seldom have I gotten so worked up on the political scene, but seldom has our great nation been is such shitty shape. I look forward to this upcoming election year, with just a little bit more optimism as each day roles by.

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