Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beauty Can Truly Be Found Anywhere

Differential Oil Mix
Originally uploaded by Jason Means

Yes indeed - beauty can truly be found anywhere. This is a poopy-soupy mix of differential break-in oil from my Dnepr mixed with thirty year old Honda oil and gas.

I drained the metal poop out of my Dnepr's differential the other day and was stunned by the amount of metal fines that had mixed in with the oil. The following day, Greg drained some thirty year old oily-gas mess out of a Honda Passport into the same oil pan, bringing forth the abstract art before you.

As I agitated the oily poop back and forth, the different types of oils, gas and metal fines formed some absolutely amazing patterns.... all in a ratty old oil pan. The high noon sun reflected against the wavy-gravy sparkles for some terrific shots.

And as all this unfolded, a feeling of uniqueness fell upon me... more than just being in the right place at the right time - more like... well, it's kind of hard to put into words. Just how many other folks on this planet who own a Dnepr and also happen to work in at a motorcycle shop that services antique bikes (and also happen to be a photographer) are there.... ?

I never cease to be amazed.


Douglas said...

What model of Dnepr? If this is a MT11 (single wheel drive) it usually means the bolts on the ring gear are backing our and rubbing the outer aluminum case.

Jason Means said...

@ Douglas - Yes, it's an MT11. The metallic soup is actually some extra aluminum at the hub center that was never machined off at the factory. Thankfully, it caused no major damage.