Sunday, January 13, 2008

Honesty is a Virtue

White Trash Truck
Originally uploaded by Jason Means

Every once in a blue moon, you see something unique or bizarre while driving down the road. Rick Lee posts several pics on his blog called DWP (driving while photographing). I've always been stunned and amazed at the variety and quality of the images he's able to capture while just driving down the road.

After a day of snapping pics on my Sunday walk in the woods, I left my camera handy in the passenger's seat for a stab at it as well.

As I was at the Jefferson Road intersection today I spied this trendy Appalachian ride with unique vinyl decals - one on the front window labeled "White Trash" and another on the back glass stating "Insane Redneck" on board. The only thing that would have been truly more Appalachian would've been to use a three inch paint roller for the letters instead of something high-tech like vinyl.

One thing that stumped me though was that the truck had Ohio plates. I thought West Virginia had the market cornered on hillbillies. Not so! Seems that we have good competition on the other side of the river.

But, the one thing I do value most is honesty, and my hat goes off to these two "Insane Rednecks" who are firm in their beliefs that if you're "White Trash" you should let everyone else know.

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