Sunday, January 6, 2008

Decaying Appalachia

Clinton Hudson House Foundation
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Just around the road from my father's house sits the remains of several homes, all rotting into the West Virginia landscape. This particular house belonged to Clinton Hudson. Dad tells me that sixty plus years ago, the area where our family has been for generations was home to several other families as well.

Sometime during the early 1950's just about everyone took a buyout from a large land developer to build Berry Hills Country Club, one of the most upscale country clubs in WV. Yes, I realize that terms like 'upscale' and 'West Virginia' don't necessarily go together, but rich fuckers have to go somewhere. So, humor me for a minute and follow along.

Seems that my grandfather was one of the only people in the area that decided not sell. From what my Dad has told me of him, he was a pretty stubborn fella, which proves that my stubbornness is definitely genetic. If he had sold out like the remainder of the local yocals for the promise of quick cash, I'm sure the Means family home would look very similar to this one, or it would be a nice fairway frequented by rich BMW driving bastards in plaid pants.

Special Note: If my above mentioned 'rich fucker' or "BMW bastard" comments has offended you in any way... my apologies. However, please understand that I've endured years of systematic abuse and improper treatment by those who are financially more well to do than yours truly, and it's has made me a bit of a prick.

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