Sunday, November 11, 2007

Further Evidence I Still Live in West Virginia

Yamaha Zuma - Stihl Camouflage - HDR Image
Originally uploaded by Jason Means

To say the least, you can't leave my idle hands near earth-tone paints. I spent a little extra time touching up my latest camouflage paint scheme on the Zuma, and also proceeded to add on a rack to hold my pimp-tastic Czech fuel cans.

And, since I found a few extra Stihl decals from its previous paint scheme, I slapped them on as well. Now, it's officially the most Appalachian scooter... ever.

I thought... what could beat a Stihl inspired scooter... or a camo scooter... ? Naturally, the best of both worlds has now been achieved.

Although it does stick out like a sore thumb in urban settings, it stealthily allows me to blend into Appalachian culture - anyplace - anytime. As with many creatures, I have now fully mastered my environment.

Now, instead of angry rednecks trying to run over me in their over-sized pickup trucks from hell, they cheer me on in delight. What was once cause for concern is no longer.

I still gain scowls of disdain from all of the BMW/Saab/Volvo/Audi (if I've left out your particular brand of over-priced penis... my apologies) driving fuckers who are late for their lunch and round of golf at the local country club, but that actually brings me some small amount of satisfaction.

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