Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Hike, Some History and a Few Good Pics

Drusilla Hall Grave Stone - HDR Image
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Since Halloween is just around the corner, I decided to take a stroll today and go on safari to the old Hall Cemetery, which is located several miles past my father's house on the Middle Ridge of Davis Creek, south of Charleston, West Virginia.

Most of the grave stones have been weathered by time, but some markings are still visible, and a handful of dates go all the way back to the Civil War.

Unlike modern cemeteries, full of plastic flowers and overpriced monolith-like headstones, it has been consumed by the woods and almost forgotten. A more peaceful and quiet setting seldom exists. I couldn't imagine a more appropriate place to be laid to rest.

I've always had a big bone to pick with the "Death Industry" and how they prey upon grieving families. Human beings have been laid to rest for over a hundred thousand years without the help of some slick suited fucker "helping" the family in their time of sorrow. Modern funeral homes are plague upon our soil, and have turned the simple process of a burial into an overpriced, horribly complex process, designed to lighten your wallet and sustain their miserable existence. Anyhow, that's a rant for another day.

My father, Benny Means, has given me quite a bit of history on this site and how the Means Family is tied to several of the people buried here.

This particular grave stone belongs to Drusilla Hall, and is one of the better preserved markers in the cemetery. Drusilla was my great grandfather's aunt.

I was very drawn to Drusilla's grave stone because of the moss growing at the top of the marker, and in all the letters carved in the stone. With the vibrant fall colors, it made for an interesting shot.

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